DIY Making Dye Sublimation Ink

How To Produce Dye Sublimation Inks

DIY Sublimation Ink Production

Dye sublimation ink, also known as disperse dye ink, is produced with disperse dye nano dispersion and water, glycols.

Jetcolour is one of the major manufacturers of nano scale disperse dye dispersion that has ultra-fine particle size and wide color gamut. With Jetcolour’s sublimation inkjet dispersion, ink makers can easily produce high quality dye sublimation ink only by adding pure water and glycols and filter it with three grade filters.

Jetcolour will provide its customers with full technical support, formulation and free filtering equipment so that making sublimation ink is simplified.

There are many advantages of DIY making sublimation inks comparing to buying ready inks:


Cost Saving & High Profit

Sublimation ink is usually sold at very high price from US$40-US$80 per liter. The ink cost takes most of profit for digital textile printing.

However, the cost of sublimation ink can be reduced aroudn US$6 per liter when it is produced with our sublimation inkjet dispersion. It has very big profit margin for ink makers.

Easy Control Ink Quality

Bad quality sublimation ink may often clog printheads or exhibit narrow color gamut. This has always been a problem for people who buy ready-made sublimation inks.

With Jetcolour’s sublimation inkjet dispersion, users can easily control ink quality by adding filtering precision and adjusting formulation. DIY making sublimation ink is easier to control ink quality and prevent from clogging printheads.

Other Digital Ink Production

With the same facility and procedure, ink makers can also produce other inkjet inks such as DTP textile pigment inks,Reactive & Acid Dye inks,etc.

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