UV Monomer Nano Pigment Dispersions

UV Monomer Nano Pigment Dispersions

UV monomer nano pigment dispersions are organic and inorganic pigments nano dispersed in toluene free low VOC monomers with nano scale particle size. UV monomer nano pigment dispersions have excellent transparency and high gloss.

By using our cutting-edge nano dispersing technology,UV monomer nano pigment dispersions have very fine particle distribution and good storage stability. It is easily incorporated into customers' ink or coating formulations to make superior quality inks,paints & coatings. UV monomer nano pigment dispersions are suitable for both UV and EB curable inks and coatings. Due to its nano scale particle size, UV monomer nano pigment dispersions have the advantages of narrow distribution of particle size,super transparency and high gloss that are recommended to use in the following applications.

1.UV Curable Digital Inks: UV curable inkjet inks,3D UV curable printing inks.

2.UV Curable Printing Inks:UV curable cigarette packaging inks,UV curable food packaging inks,UV curable security printing inks,UV curable metal printing inks,UV curable glass printing inks,UV curable ceramic inks and UV curable PCB printing inks.

3.UV Curable Coatings: UV curable wood stains,UV curable furniture paints,UV curable automotive paints,UV curable electronic coatings,UV curable optical fiber coatings,UV curable plastic coatings,UV curable glass coatings,UV curable metal coatings.

Products made from the dispersions have superior quality over traditional ones and can maximize customers' product quality.

 Product Code  C.I.Number  Color  Pigment Content TDS
 JUV-Black-7  Pigment Black 7   20%  
JUV-Yellow-13 Pigment Yellow 13   20%  
 JUV-Yellow-14  Pigment Yellow 14   20%  
JUV-Yellow-83 Pigment Yellow 83   20%  
JUV-Yellow-180 Pigment Yellow 180   20%  
JUV-Orange-34 Pigment Orange 34   20%  
JUV-Orange-64 Pigment Orange 64   20%  
JUV-Red-482 Pigment Red 48:2   20%  
JUV-Red-571 Pigment Red 57:1   20%  
 JUV-Red-122 Pigment Red 122    20%  
JUV-Red-146 Pigment Red 146 20%  
JUV-Blue-153 Pigment Blue 15:3 20%  
JUV-Blue-154 Pigment Blue 15:4 20%  
JUV-Green-7 Pigment Green 7 20%  
JUV-Violet-19 Pigment Violet 19 20%  
JUV-Violet-23 Pigment Violet 23 20%  

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